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10 Lessons From The Future, by Wolfgang Grulke (Used)

10 Lessons From The Future, by Wolfgang Grulke (Used)

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What will the world be like in the future? What markets will be threatened and which will boom? What will be the top 10 corporations? Why not ask the man who spends most of his life helping companies and venture capital firms imagine the future? With a background in business, technology, nuclear physics, entertainment and marine biology, Wolfgang is an exhilarating and thought-provoking thinker and speaker. His topics range from the roller coaster new economy, paradigm shifts, chaos, fractals and bio-technology and the dilemmas of modern management, to the sex life fish. Wolfgang Grulke brings fresh ideas and a breath of thinking that is rare in today's focused and specialised world. "The thinking is original and frame-breaking. I don't often use superlatives, but they are deserved here" John M Stopford, Professor of International Business, London Business School"Provocative and entertaining as ever, Wolfgang teaches us that change is to be embraced with excitement rather than fear." Neil Jacobson, CEO, I-Net BrdigeTen Lessons From the Future is about the power of change, and the power you have to make change work for you.All around us, the old order is collapsing. Ideas, systems, and strategies that once seemed rock-solid, are crumbling under the onslaught of new technologies, new attitudes, new ways of thinking and doing.The hard and simple truth, in today's fast-changing, fiercely-competitive global arena, is that you can no longer rely on your bank of personal experience, or the stockpile of insights, ideas, and know-how you have accumulated over the years.10 Lessons from the Future reflects on culture, business and technology in the past 30 years and gives you and your organisation the advance intelligence you need to get ready for the next 30 years, by taking you on a fascinating and rewarding journey to the ultimate destination - your Future.The book concludes with 10 powerful lessons that emerge from our exploration of the past and future scenarios. These 10 lessons create essential business and personal imperatives for today. A practical and revolutionary handbook for business executives, venture capitalists, individuals and investors, it will answer these crucial questions:* What are the big challenges and issues facing businesses, individuals, and investors in the next 20 years?* What kind of organisations will succeed in the new economy?* What kind of skills will be most sought-after?* Which industries will prosper, and which will fall by the wayside?* What are the hottest investment prospects of the 21st Century?* What is the future of e-commerce?* How will the rapidly-evolving field of biotechnology shape the way we live our lives?* How can we educate and prepare the next generation to make the most of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead?Also included is access to an Internet-based tool, the Information Age Scorecard, that lets you assess how competitive your business is and how ready you are to compete in the 21st Century.The ideas in Ten Lessons from the Future are being used by a range of leading businesses, inlcuding Erikson, Andersen Consulting, IBM, Nortel Networks, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, UBS, Lufthansa and Guardian Media Group.

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