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Reclaiming the Soil<br>by Rosie Motene

Reclaiming the Soil
by Rosie Motene

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The Rosie Motene story is about a young girl born to the Bafokeng nation during the Apartheid era in South Africa. At the time, Rosie's mother worked for a white Jewish family in Johannesburg who offered to raise her as their own. This generous gesture by the family created many opportunities for Rosie but also a trail of sacrifices for her parents. As she grew, Rosie struggled to find her true identity. She had access to the best of everything but as a black girl she floundered without her own culture or language. This book describes Rosie's journey through her fog of alienation to the belated dawning of her self-discovery as an African.

Title: Reclaiming the soil, A black girl's struggle to find her African self

Author: Rosie Motene

Publisher: Porcupine Press

Pages, 161

ISBN 9781928276425

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