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Espresso Bible

Espresso Bible

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Espresso Bible: The Bible in Sips

This little book provides a condensed and accessible version of the "Bible"or those who want it quick, simple and concentrated. Experienced author,roadcaster and "Bible" commentator David Winter presents readers with theessential' passages of the "Bible", linking them with bits of introductorynd explanatory text. This enables readers to go through the "Bible" inhortened form, while giving an understanding of the Bible's story and theay it all fits together. This is an excellent book for anyone wanting toead the "Bible" without wading through every word. Unlike the recent "100inute Bible", it uses actual "Bible" text (from the CEV translation) ratherhan summaries of passages.

Author David Winter
ISBN 0745952887, 9780745952888
Format Paperback
Pages 128p.

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