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Glenn's Mercedes Benz Repair and Tune-Up Guide

Glenn's Mercedes Benz Repair and Tune-Up Guide

  • R 6000

A comprehensive (as of this 1987 edition) guide to the repaid and tune-up of Mercs.

Some might ask, why do you stock a second-hand copy of a 1987 Merc repair guide? Especially when you wouldn't stock the manual to my TRS-80. I can only answer, look at the illustrations in this fine publication distributed by none other than Motorbooks International of Osceola, Wisconsin.

Look at the oddly cropped hands. The mystifying diagrams.

There probably is a book that makes car repair easy. This book is certainly not it.

This book rather challenges with the more existential question: how did we survive as a species before computer assisted design? Whenever I come across it, I just can't stop looking at it.

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