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Selling Lipservice

Selling Lipservice

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Selling Lipservice

Since coming of haemorrh-age, Frith must wear a LipService patch to write or speak. The words the patch produces are not her own. Scripted by copywriters, they promote one sponsoring brand or another. With them, ‘You’ – a voice in her head that is the patch’s brand persona and her conformist alter ego – appears. 

Through the noise of You talking a variety of different LipService brands, Frith struggles to find her way back to speaking for herself. She believes her tastures – her ability to taste things she touches – are the key. But other elements of this consumerist society are equally interested in tastures for commercial gain.

About the author
Tammy Baikie is a translator who is qualified with French and German as source languages and dabbles in Russian. After four years living and working in Germany, she returned home to South Africa where her translation career has continued with advertising and communications as her field of specialisation. Tammy attended the SUISS summer writing programme in Edinburgh and completed an MA in Creative Writing at Wits. She was longlisted in the 2010/2011 Fish International Short Story Contest. ABOUT THE AWARD

Formerly known as the European Union Literary Award, the Dinaane Debut Fiction Award was established in 2004 and has proved to be a driving force in uncovering new and talented South African fiction writers. The word dinaane in Setswana means ‘telling our stories to one another’, which connotes the many strands of conversation that weave into the common language of fiction. Non-fiction takes the lion’s share of book sales in South Africa, with local fiction limited to around 17% of all sales. Locally, the written fiction market is under threat. However, this award, the only one of its kind, aims to promote new southern African literature that speaks to both a local and international audience. 

Author     Tammy Baikie
ISBN        9781431424795
Format     Paperback
Pages      175p.

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