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LIWA and the bloody connectors

LIWA and the bloody connectors

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Mothers suffering from postpartum psychosis sometimes hurt or kill their children, but the law isn't sure how to separate illness from intent. This book will unpack the depths of women who kill.

The best unsuspected killer is a woman. Whispers of women being killers have become louder. South Africa has seen a strange increase in female serial killers, their abnormal sexual desires and cult-based mentality. For centuries the world has questioned the mental state of mothers who kill, many have lost their lives trying to research their own family downfalls. The big question is: Are female serial killers born that way, or are they bred by society?

Childhood friends, Liwa Nile and Noel Glass, have tough realities to face, after the mysterious police murder, Liwa tries to fix her life, however her obsessive best friend Noel, keeps bringing more dead bodies into her life. Their friendship is tested when an old wound is open again. Liwa has to choose between her bloodline or her best friend. Sometimes we seek things that don’t love us and this time someone will have to be the sacrifice.

The savage, senseless murders of children and elders painted with a fine brush and moulded into beautiful sculptures. This story is inspired by real-life events and researched data from global social ills.

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