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The Prodigal Husband, by Lazarus Miti (used)

The Prodigal Husband, by Lazarus Miti (used)

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A real African man deserves more than one wife. It is sign of manhood and a measure of wealth. After all, Musa is the foreman on the farm and earns good wages. And Rhoda, the young school-teacher, seems willing enough to be a second wife. The only problem is Tisa, the mother of his seven children, and a devout student of the scriptures. But like most woman in her society, Tisa is powerless . . . Or is she?Musa's determination to marry Rhoda against Tisa's wishes sets in motion an unforeseeable chain of events.Set in Southern and Northern Rhodesia in the run-up to Zambian independence in 1963, the novel provides an intimate portrait of village life, of age-old customs and individual passions.

***Book in Very Good Condition

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