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Sababa: Middle Eastern And Mediterranean Cooking

Sababa: Middle Eastern And Mediterranean Cooking

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Sababa: Middle Eastern And Mediterranean Cooking

Sababa is all about uncomplicated and wholesome food with a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influence. Food is prepared fresh daily in the Sababa kitchens by sisters Tal and Nirit, and a group of dedicated and passionate chefs who love to cook and "live" food. Using local ingredients and fresh produce,Sababais full of recipes which anybody could cook at home.
Praise for Sababa
I am very fortunate that Sababa is the closest eatery to where I live in Cape Town. This beautifully illustrated book brings out everything I love about this space, the minamalistic decor, the ever enthusiastic staff and the abundance and colours of the food and selection of simply cooked, seasonal dishes that fill the mezze table no matter what time of the day one visits.
Tal's life is built around food . Throughout this book she takes you on a journey of her life from her childhood, her travels and dining experiences through Israel, to her life with her young family and running Sababa. She shares all her favourite recipes, ingredients and tips on how to reproduce them at home. Anyone with a passion for food and cooking should have a copy of this book. These inspiring and delicious recipes will instantly become favourites with everybody.Ì_åÇ?ÌÎÌ_?ÌÎÌ_? Liam Tomlin

Author Tal Smith & Nirit Saban
ISBN 9781431409808
Format Paperback
Pages 224p.

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