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The Empowered Native

The Empowered Native

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The Empowered Native

Lerumo Sekhukhuni is a graduate of the Soweto Class of 1976. Exiled from his country as a teenage student ctivist,he came back an empowered native. Lerumo was forced to flee his home in South Africa at the tender age of 16. The hand of fate guided him through the refugee camps of Botswana and Zambia. He ended up at a polytechnic institute in Russia where he emerged with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Deployed by a he Movement to London, he spent the next few years holding a vigil, waiting for the liberation of his country.

Lerumo came home two years after Mandela's release. He was back at last after spending 16 years as part of the world's refugee problem. At the ripe age of 32, he was finally ready to lay down his spear and pick up scattered pieces of his life.

But it was not to be.

Author Letepe M. Maisela
ISBN 0620335610, 9780620335614
Format Paperback
Pages 215p.

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