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The Thabo Mbeki I Know

The Thabo Mbeki I Know

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The Thabo Mbeki I Know is a collection that celebrates one of South Africa's most exceptional thought leaders. The contributors include those who first got to know Thabo Mbeki as a young man, in South Africa and in exile, and those who encountered him as a statesman and worked alongside him as an African leader.

InThe Thabo Mbeki I Know, these friends, comrades, statesmen, politicians and business associates provide insights that challenge the prevailing academic narrative and present fresh perspectives on the former president's time in office and on his legacy  a vital undertaking as we approach a decade since an embattled Thabo Mbeki left office. Edited by Miranda Strydom and Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu, The Thabo Mbeki I Know provides readers with an opportunity to reassess Thabo Mbeki's contribution to post-apartheid South Africa  as both deputy president and president  to the African continent and diaspora  as a highly respected state leader  and to the international community as a whole.

Author Sifiso Ndlovu and Miranda Strydom
ISBN 9781770103412
Format Paperback
Pages 540p.

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