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UCT Under Apartheid : From Onset to Sit-In

UCT Under Apartheid : From Onset to Sit-In

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Drawing on an extensive array of sources - written, oral and visual - this book provides a rounded social, intellectual, educational, cultural and political history of one of Africa's foremost universities during the first phase of apartheid. It puts a spotlight on its leaders, lecturers and learners, but its wide focus takes in many other dimensions of this heterogeneous institution's history too - teaching and research, social, cultural and sporting life and its chequered relationship with the apartheid state, ranging from formal opposition and protest and students' growing defiance culminating in the sit-in of 1968, to ambivalence and willing collaboration. All of these it weaves together into a many-sided whole to produce an elegant, accessible and nuanced study of the operation of UCT as apartheid began to be imposed on South Africa.

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