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I'm a Different Mess Than I Was Yesterday

I'm a Different Mess Than I Was Yesterday

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In this uniquely South African confessional memoir, Msizi E. Nkosi hold back on absolutely nothing. He writes about the early promise of his childhood that was shattered by family tragedy that pushed him into a swirling vortex of booze, drugs and sex. If it isn't in this book, it's because he can't remember it after it was erased in one of his many blackouts. Despite the haze that became his life, he managed to become one of the most successful producers on some of the most prominent TV shows in SA - and then escaped death by a hair's breadth when his body decided to give up completely. Somehow Msizi is still ticking and spending every day counting the blessings that made not dying worth it. This intimate biography will make you marvel at the resilience of the human spirit and the sheer audacity of hope.

Author Msizi E. Nkosi
ISBN 9780620694865
Format Paperback
Pages 316p

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