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Paying my Dues by Katlego Ditibane

Paying my Dues by Katlego Ditibane

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My dues are more than just the chapters in this book; my dues are also you the person reading this book. I can only hope that I have introduced you to pieces of yourself that you recognize as broken and that you would be able to pick them up, call for help and rise to the best version of you. I hope that when you close this book you would be able to look back with appreciation of the lessons and forward to the future with confidence that you have been saved and restored. I also pray that when you put away this book you take with you the best parts of you that exists in the broken pieces and you run far away from the enemy that torments your peace. My dues are not worth money you spent on this book, they are worth time you spent listening to me speak about where I have been and where I would like to go and I am thankful that your thoughts in this moment are light for both of us.

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