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Chants of Freedom

Chants of Freedom

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Chants of Freedom

Mathews Phosa developed his love for poetry as a young boy growing up in rural Mpumalanga and Limpopo. While he has published a collection of poems in Afrikaans,Chants of Freedomis irst English poetry anthology. Mostly written while in exile as the commander of an MKunit in Maputo, Mozambique, Phosa's poems vividly recreate the feelings of anger, defiance,frustration, shame, pain and ultimately hope that characterised the exiles' experience of thestruggle to abolish apartheid in South Africa.
Writing in a lyrical style, Phosa addresses suchthemes as oppression, violence, death and hatred, and recalls the atrocities and tragedies of themigrant-labour system, the murders of innocent children, the detentions without trial, thebannings and the state-sanctioned executions that characterised the apartheid era.Chants ofFreedomprovides raw, powerful and unprecedented insight into the consciousness of a freedomfighter.

Author Matthews Phosa
ISBN 9781415207765
Format Paperback
Pages 45p.

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