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Shapes, Shades and Faces, by Moferefere Lekorotsoana

Shapes, Shades and Faces, by Moferefere Lekorotsoana

  • R 18000

"Moferefere bares his soul in this haunting collection. This lyrical prose is about life, and the intersection of tenderness and anguish at the heart of the human condition." - PALESA MORUDI: Writer and MD of Cover2Cover Book

"Like looking into a mirror, the poet surveys his life and relationships asking probing questions, making resolutions along the way - 'be willing to hear from the seasons' he writes, evoking ideas of looking to nature for wisdom, of the ever-changing character of life and the promise of growth that the reflective life yields. His words do not dance in vague mystery, rather they march with focus and clarity like soldiers on a mission." - ATHOL WILLIAMS: Poet

"The collection explicitly and intensely reminds us that our spirits, feelings and reasoning are rooted in experience both personal and collective, conveying it truthfully and powerfully." - SANDRA MUSHI: Poet

"In this, his language is spare, unembillished, devoid of the embroidery that tend to cover up empty words. He adopts a language that is beguilingly uncluttered to express complex truths." - MANDLA LANGA: Novelist

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