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Grasping at Straws by Yvonne Maphosa

Grasping at Straws by Yvonne Maphosa

  • R 25000

Born in the village of Matombo, Lwezi finds herself questioning the traditions and culture which seem to favour men at the detriment of women, Girls are excluded from school and are groomed for marriage from a very young age. Women are seen as sub humans who are born to serve men.

At initiation school, as she prepares for her transition from childhood to womanhood, Lwezi makes a thoughtless sacrifice in an attempt to save her friend.

She’s taken to Chief Nxumalo’s homestead to answer for her crime in front of the Dale (Gathering of Elders).

Circumstances take an unexpected twist and she finds herself tangled deeper into the Nxumalo web of secrets. She’s offered a deal she cannot refuse.

Will she choose the city and the liberation it offers or will she stay in the patriarchal society she knows and save those that need her help?

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