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After the Storm <br> by Nick Butterworth

After the Storm
by Nick Butterworth

  • R 2500

Second-hand, very good condition, in Maboneng.

A storm is raging through the park causing Percy, the park keeper, to have a sleepless night worrying about the damage being done to his beloved park. When he gets up the next morning he finds the old oak tree has been blown down. This is a disaster for all his animal friends who used the tree as their home. Fortunately, Percy is on hand to help find them a new place to live. 

The simple text and expressive illustrations perfectly combine to create a picture storybook that is ideal for reading aloud to young children. The poster-sized gatefold at the end is an added surprise and is a superb example of Nick Butterworth's skills as an illustrator. (Ages 2 to 6)

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