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Albert Le Blanc <br> by Nick Butterworth

Albert Le Blanc
by Nick Butterworth

  • R 2500

Second-hand, very good condition, in Maboneng.

An uplitfting story about a bear without a smile A very sad-looking French bear has arrived in the toy shop. His name is Albert le Blanc. The other toys plan a special show to cheer him up. Albert keeps trying to tell the toys he's not sad -- he just has a sad face -- but they are too busy with their show...Jack-in-a-box leaps around, Pickle the mouse tries to tell a joke (but forgets the ending) and Sally the hippo puts on her bright red lipstick and performs a ballet. But, Sally's ballet moves aren't quite as graceful as intended and she falls on top of Albert, planting a big kiss right on his mouth. And when Albert gets up again he has a huge red lipstick grin all over his face. Everyone laughs and laughs...especially Albert le Blanc!

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