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The Peoples & Policies of South Africa<br>by Leo Marquard

The Peoples & Policies of South Africa
by Leo Marquard

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The Peoples and Policies of South Africa was first published in 1952. Since then considerable changes have taken place on the African continent. In South Africa, too, conditions have altered, and the results of policies adopted by successive governments can now be more clearly seen. It is in the light of these changes that Mr. Marquard has on two occasions revised his book and brought it up to date. This third enlarged edition contains much new material, and the author has re-examined various racial policies and their ramifications in education, law, religion, and social life, and has tried to estimate their degree of failure or success. In order to understand more fully the troubles and divisions in South Africa, it is important to know something of her history and of the complicated emotional and administrative problems that a multi-racial society must face. Mr. Marquard, who is himself a South African, discusses the past and present relations of the of the British, the Afrikaners, the Africans, the Coloured people, and the Asians who inhabit the Republic of South Africa.

Leo Marquard

The Peoples and Policies of South Africa, Third Edition

Oxford University Press



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