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It doesn't have to be so hard by Joanne Felder & Graeme Friedman

It doesn't have to be so hard by Joanne Felder & Graeme Friedman

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We can't get enough of doomed lovers torn apart by betrayal, taboo and violence - as long as they stay on the screen or the page. In our own beds we want the happy ending. But all around us, divorce statistics rocket as the hopes of lonely singles plummet. In an age of financial and political uncertainty, love is the only thing left to believe in. So why do we give up on it so easily? Through interlocking stories that are moving, funny and all too familiar, Joanne Fedler and Graeme Friedman combine their years of personal and professional experience to tackle the toughest of questions around intimacy, such as: How does romance sour into incompatibility? Are men really frightened by intimacy? Why don't women understand that sex is intimacy? Is staying in an unhappy relationship better than being alone? How do we keep passion and intimacy alive with the same person over time? What do men really mean when they say 'Nothing' in response to 'What are you thinking?'?; If you're after a soulmate, are you pricing yourself out the market?; Is nagging the death of love?; Why don't men want to talk about their feelings?; Why won't women shut up about their feelings? It doesn't have to be so hard will change the way you see yourself, and how you think about long-term love. Finding and keeping intimacy is a massive challenge. But it's not impossible, once you know the secrets.

Authors Joanne Fedler and Graeme Friedman
ISBN 1431407054, 9781431407057
Format Paperback
Pages 251p


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