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Destiny, Vumile Zulu, romance novel, African novel

Destiny by Vumile Zulu

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Destiny has two ways of crushing us by refusing our wishes or by fulfilling  them. - Henri Fredrick Amiel
Boy meets girl..... girl and boy fall in love...boy gets murdered and girl finds out she's pregnant. How do you move on from the one person you thought was your soulmate? How do you raise his child without falling apart?
It is written: A story about destiny follows Zanele Jele after she loses her soulmate in a tragic death. The story explores her journey to healing and letting go as she struggles to let go of what once was.
Zanele is conflicted when she begins to have feelings for friend Mthunzi Mathonsi and she slowly and unexpectedly realises that she is in love with him. Could it be that one person can have more than one soulmate in a lifetime... is it possible to give your heart out completely to someone and risk the chance of losing them again? Will she be able to give love another chance or will the fear of loss stand in the way of LOVE.

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