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Flight at Dawn: Leadership is Not About the Leader <br> by Antony J. Frost

Flight at Dawn: Leadership is Not About the Leader
by Antony J. Frost

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We live complex and busy lives. Returning to nature can often provide glimpses into the simplicity we left behind centuries ago. Flight at Dawn presents examples from our natural environment that can teach us how to succeed both professionally and personally to enrich and broaden our lives.

The book is structured around a visit to a wild life reserve by a father with two enthusiastic teenagers who are boiling to explore life. Tony uses the lessons, insights and experiences gained from their interaction with nature and witnessing the teenagers’ refreshing enthusiasm for the environment around them to illustrate strategies on how to make organisations and society function more productively and how to enhance personal development.

While the book’s key focus is on areas of leadership and organisational behaviour, Tony also shares commentary on topical issues and on some of the vexing challenges and paradoxes of the working environment.

This is an innovative book that shows the power of intuitive communication to highlight how life lessons are available to all of those who observe the behaviour of the flora and fauna encountered in the wild and how deep relationships with people and nature are crucial for our mental health and the wellbeing of society.

by Antony J. Frost (2012)

144 p.

23.37 cm

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