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The Goddess Bootcamp

The Goddess Bootcamp

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If you're broken, depressed, depraved or need rescuing -- basically if your life really sucks -- this is not the book for you. But if "okay", "fine", "not bad" and "all right" are the kinds of words that describe your life, relationships, mood or career, this is the book you need. By going on the Bootcamp you'll be inspired to upgrade your life to one filled with pleasure, passion and purpose.The Goddess Bootcamp, by certified life coach and self-proclaimed Liberator of Women, Kagiso Msimango, is just the tool to inject a big dose of WOW!-ness into your life.

Henry David Thoreau is often misquoted as having said "most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them". Well this goes double for women!

Countless capable women -- with brains in their heads and feet in their shoes, as Dr Seuss would say -- have settled for lives of quiet desperation. It is hard to tell from the outside, especially as they are often educated, well-paid and living in suburbs where you can't swing a (good) fake Louis Vuitton bag without hitting a mall, where they typically shop for their fabulous shoes and get their sushi fix.

They have achieved, or are well on their way to achieving, stock-standard success -- the kind sold on TV, the glossy pages of magazines, billboards, by telemarketers and celebrities on Twitter. More often than not, this is far removed from their true dreams and desires -- the song in their hearts.

The Goddess Bootcamp is the tool to upgrade your life to one filled with pleasure, passion and purpose.

About the Author
Kagiso Msimango 
was born with an enquiring mind and in her early twenties her constant questioning of the status quo resulted in a period of depression. Her psychiatrist advised her to learn to accept that things are as they are, and put her on anti-depressants -- the pharmaceutical equivalent of putting on your big-girl panties. Unwilling to accept life as something that she needed to be medicated against, she turned her probing mind towards learning how to not only survive life but to thrive joyfully.

Author Kagiso Msimango
ISBN 9781920601041
Format Paperback
Pages 242p.

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