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Cornelia Button And The Globe Of Gamagion

Cornelia Button And The Globe Of Gamagion

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Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion

Three friends living in Johannesburg each have their own secret dreams: Cornelia Button dreams of beinga famous singer; her sister, Maude,wants to be a gypsy princess; and their friend, Zwelabo, wants to be a brave hero like his mysterious, absent father.Aunty Hilda tells the children that they can be anything they want to if they can imagine it. The children spin their father'smagical globe and are transported to the Kingdom of Gamagion, where theylive their dreams until the realm is attacked by Darko Drogbarl. Cornelia and her friends must is find the weapon to destroy this monster and bring peace to the divided kingdom.

Author Edyth Bulbring
ISBN 1770095012, 9781770095014
Format Paperback
Pages 197p.

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