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Dark Poppy's Demise <br> by S A Partridge

Dark Poppy's Demise
by S A Partridge

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What would you do if you met someone online who seemed to know everything about you, someone who was there day and night to listen to your every thought, your fears and your desires? What if he was everything you ever wanted from a soul mate? What if he wanted to meet you face to face? Fifteen year old Jenna Brooks feels invisible. Her father barely notices her at home, her brother Ian, well, he's an idiot anyway, and her best friend Anisa doesn't seem to understand her at all. Not to mention the fact that Eric Meyer, the object of her affection since grade eight, just started dating the prettiest girl at school. All Jenna wants is for someone to notice her, but all everybody sees is a gawky teenager with an overactive imagination. But she leads a double life. As Dark Poppy, she can be herself. Her online friends see her for who she truly is: a sensitive, creative young woman with a talent for photography. When she receives a friend request from Robert Rose on Facebook, she doesn't hesitate to start up a friendship. But then, why shouldn't she? He's the hottest guy she's ever seen; with emerald green eyes that seem to stare right through the computer screen . . .

Author S A Partridge
ISBN 0798155973, 9780798155977
Format Paperback
Pages 192p.

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