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London Cape Town Joburg <br> by Zukiswa Wanner

London Cape Town Joburg
by Zukiswa Wanner

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Set in three cities at three very different moments in our recent history,"London, Cape Town, Joburg" is the story not just of Germaine, Michael and their son Zuko, but of all of us who witnessed the South African miracle and came to believe in the dream of Mandela's rainbow nation. When their teenage son takes his own life, Germaine and Michael's marriage is forced under the microscope. How did two people, so passionately committed to each other and to building a life for themselves in a "new" nation full of opportunity, come to a place of such hurt. Filled with humour, irreverence and heartache at the state of South African society today, "London, Cape Town, Joburg" is Zukiswa Wanner's most moving novel to date. "Wanner always tackles topical contemporary themes . . . She clearly has her finger firmly on the pulse of socio-political trends in South Africa and this book is no exception. I found it entertaining and thought provoking . . ." -- Linda Nell, Bargain Books.

Author Zukiswa Wanner
ISBN 0795706316, 9780795706318
Format Paperback
Pages 224p.

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