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Speed dating with books

Speed dating, with books, for Valentine's

 How do you pick a book?

None of us want to admit to judging a book by its cover, but we all do it. The picture on the cover. The title. The name of the author. The blurb on the back. All those things help us choose.

Ahead of Valentine's, we're offering a chance to choose a book without all that. We've wrapped books in kraft paper, tied a pretty ribbon on them, and put our own description or a favorite quote to sum up the book in 10 words or less. It's like speed dating, with books.

They're all books that we like. Some are books that maybe didn't get enough attention as they should have, or books from a bit back that we've maybe forgotten to read.

Check out our shelves. See if you can guess what the book is, and more importantly, guess if you'll like it.

 As a secret Valentine to Joburg, and with a hat-tip to Jacana, we're leaving some of the books as gifts, hidden around downtown in places we like to visit. If you find one, it's yours to keep or to pass along. If you can, tweet us a photo @bridgebooksjozi or share it at and tag it #findabook. We'd love to know what you think of it.

To help you find them, we'll post a picture every day of where the book is hidden. We'll do our best to hide one every day -- at least when it's not raining.

With love,

Bridge Books