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You Never Really Know, by John Hunt (used)

You Never Really Know, by John Hunt (used)

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"Meet our hero Cappuccino - barista to the President - who's never lived anywhere other than in the big man's compound. Left in the care of Maria-I'm-not-your-mother when his real mom died, Cappuccino spent his boyhood in the laundry room before receiving his true calling. From behind his impressive chrome coffee machine, Cappuccino is a fly on a very important wall. And, more importantly, he is in love with the captivating Naomi, an assistant to the President. But life is about to serve Cappuccino a bitter cup when he finds the Minister without Portfolio - and moral compass to The Boss - dead in the presidential home. Filled with warm humour, John Hunt's novel serves up a double shot of pathos as it moves from playful satire to true tragedy whilst examining the inner workings of power."--Page 4 of cover.
good condition
shelf Af fict used
Publisher: Umuzi
Published date: 2021
Page count: 262
Dimensions: Height:24.00 cm
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Customer Reviews

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Pratham Patel
You Never Really Know

A remarkable novel that creeps up on you, grabbing you tight with its warm fuzzies and astute wit, seducing you into thinking it'll be all sweetness and innocence before driving a splintered stake through the heart of its treacherous antagonist, whose evil shadow you barely notice until it's too late. It's also beautifully presented, with poetic insight.

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