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CSM Zeripah Phiri

I am Also a Woman by Zeripah Amoni Phiri

I am Also a Woman by Zeripah Amoni Phiri

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This is me! In all my glory, in my happy place where all my worries disappear, and I am just me. There are no labels here, no doubts. I do not bear a mark on my forehead that says I am infertile. I am a complete woman enjoying her life to the fullest. 
A big lesson that I have learnt and made part of my being is that it is important to share our stories to help ourselves heal while educating others. Too often, mistakenly indeed, I have stayed silent in my shame, perpetuating lies in my head, thinking that keeping quiet is a sign of strength. I have since realised that I was wrong.

Sharing my life story helps me to feel better. It teaches others my perspective and proves to me that I am not alone. There are others who will quietly whisper – "Me too" – and that is okay! It is a personal decision to choose who deserves to hear your story. You can choose to share, or not. It is your choice and no one else's.

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