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Africa Lens: 20 Years of Getaway Photography

Africa Lens: 20 Years of Getaway Photography

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Africa Lens: 20 Years of Getaway Photography

Twenty years of remarkableGetawayphotography has culminated in the vivid photographic passport to Africa that isAfrica Lens.

Over the past two decadesGetawayhas excited the armchair traveller andinspired the adventurous to explore thecontinent. More than any other publication,it has captured the spirit of Africantravel and adventure, reaching millions of readers. The magazine has portrayed the continent's people, fauna and landscapes in many indelible ways over the past 20 years.

As with good travel writing, a successful photographic assignment is one in which the journalist has captured thegenius loci̴?ÌÝÌÕ the spirit of the place. It's often an indescribable and elusive element: a mood, a familiar scene rendered somehow unfamiliar, perhaps a fleeting moment where light and subject conspire in the viewfinder to give you something...more

Author Justin Fox
ISBN 9781770097605
Format Hardback
Pages 144p.

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