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Afrows: Words of Subversion

Afrows: Words of Subversion

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Afrows: Words of Subversion, written by five University of Cape Town students during a semester-long creative writing seminar, tackles patriarchy head on, as well as a host of issues gripping South Africa. Fifteen texts, ranging from revenge fantasy and protest poetry to memoir and autobiographical fiction, confront the plagues of racism, misogyny, homophobia and corruption in fresh, hard-hitting ways: Sthandwa Mbelle’s 'Avengers of Fezekile' imagines a fictional all-womxn vigilante group committed to “cleansing Mzansi of the plague of femicide”; Matimu Rikhotso’s ‘Boys Who Cry’ is a deeply moving and lyrical indictment of the tyranny of toxic masculinity; Lubabalo Ngejane’s ‘Lust as a Ritual of Self-Loathing’ offers a heartbreaking exposé of racism in Cape Town’s gay community; Nolitha Ngamlana’s ‘Sodium Hydroxide’ illustrates one black womxn’s scolding journey to freeing herself from hegemonic white conceptions of beauty; and Tshepiso Mashinini’s ‘Umgodi Owesifazane’ interrogates the historical link between the plunder of the land and the pillage of womxn. Afrows bellows anger, defiance and hope that, amidst the shattered dreams of post-1994 South Africa, true freedom is growing in the womb of today – and will inherit the world of tomorrow.

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