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Agents of the State by Mike Nicol

Agents of the State by Mike Nicol

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Late one afternoon on the steps of St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, the leader of opposition forces in the Central African Republic (CAR) is gunned down. He survives, but his young daughter is killed.


Private investigator Fish Pescado is called in, but his attempts to locate the hitmen come to nothing – hardly surprising, as the assassination attempt was organised by a faction in the South African Secret Service Agency (SSA) loyal to the South African president, who has mining interests in the CAR. Meanwhile Vicki Kahn, an agent in the SSA, is sent to Amsterdam to set up a sting operation to trap the president’s son who is involved in a human trafficking operation.

When Fish, Vicki’s long-time love interest, learns that Vicki is in danger, he needs to take action.

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