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AIDS: The Challenge for South Africa, by  Alan Whiteside & Clem Sunter

AIDS: The Challenge for South Africa, by Alan Whiteside & Clem Sunter

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On the issue of HIV/AIDS, the majority of South Africans can be divided into two broad categories: those who bury their heads in the sand and deny that the epidemic exists, and those who believe that it exists but they cannot do anything about it. In this book, Alan Whiteside and Clem Sunter offer a third view which is shared by a small number of people active in the HIV/AIDS field: there is an epidemic but there are plenty of things we can do to prevent it spreading further and to ameliorate the impact of increasing sickness and death among those already infected. The book covers the likely origin of HIV/AIDS; the current situation in the world and in Africa; why it has hit South Africa so harshly; and the possible demographic, economic, and social consequences for society over the next twenty years. Along the way, the authors dispose of many myths associated with the epidemic. Finally, rather than proposing a grand, monolithic plan, the authors recommend a grassroots approach made up of many small initiatives, pursued on as wide a front as possible, to overcome the epidemic and soften its impact. The message of the book is that we can beat HIV/AIDS, but we must all in our own way take appropriate action now.

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