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ANC: A View From Moscow

ANC: A View From Moscow


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ANC: A View From Moscow

Dispelling many of the myths--some harmless, others malicious--surrounding the African National Congress (ANC) and their overthrowing of South Africa's apartheid government in 1994, this historical account focuses on the relationship between the ANC and the communist party of the Soviet Union, which assisted this liberation movement. Told from the Soviet perspective, the information challenges many of the ideas being established about the ANC from within South Africa, a country that remains much divided today. An enlightening account that utilizes many primary sources never used before, this is a valuable contribution to the tiny but growing historiography of the ANC and the South African liberation movement.

Author Vladimir GennadÌÎÌ___evich Shubin
ISBN 1770096310, 9781770096318
Format Paperback
Pages 365p.