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Annie Bell's Baking Bible

Annie Bell's Baking Bible


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Annie Bell's Baking Bible

In this beautifully illustrated book, Annie Bell explains the techniques that produce perfect results every time, whether baking sponge cakes, biscuits, brownies, muffins, macaroons or meringues.

She creates sweet treats for all occasions, from children's birthdays to Christmas, sharing her fail-proof recipes that will ensure you never again bake a cake that fails to rise or sinks in the middle. With recipes inspired from Britain, France, America and a number of places in between, this is an indispensable guide to becoming a brilliant baker.

It'll make your mouth water and ensure you impress and delight with really great chocolate brownies, delicious carrot cake, tangy lemon and polenta cake plus the oh-so-easy and yum breads and pancakes.

About the Author
Annie Bell
spent several years as cookery writer forVogue, then as food writer onThe Independent. She has been principal cookery writer on theMail on Sunday's YOUmagazine for many years, and she was winner of the Guild of Food Writers' Journalist of the Year in 2003. Her previous books include the Gorgeous series,The Camping Cookbook, Soup Glorious SoupandThe Picnic Cookbook.Gorgeous Cakeshas sold in excess of 250 000 copies.

Author Annie Bell
ISBN 9781431406845
Format Hardback
Pages 336p.