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Aperture 192 Fall 2008

Aperture 192 Fall 2008

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Aperture Magazine, issue #192, Fall 2008.
Portfolios and Essays from Joseph Koudelka, Jan Tumlir, Fred Ritchin and Michael Schmelling, Robert Hariman, David Campany, Claudia Algelmaier and Brian Dillon, Duane Michals and Robert Kushner, Jason Evans, Joel Sternfeld and Gretel Ehrlich.

Invasion 68: Prague Photographs by Josef Koudelka
Interview by Melissa Harris 
Koudelka discusses his documentation of the Soviet-led invasion of Prague.

Walead Beshty: Piece By Piece
by Jan Tumlir 
Tumlir examines Beshty's protean engagement with photography.

Leaving Kansas: A Look At Second Life
by Fred Ritchin, Photographs by Michael Schmelling 
Ritchin gives a tour of the Internet's alternative to reality: Second Life.

Framing the Presidency: The Evolution of the Campaign Image
by Robert Hariman 
How candidates have been depicted photographically over the past century.

Re-Viewing Rear Window
by David Campany 
Campany considers the role of photography in Hitchcock's classic film.

Claudia Angelmaier: Reproduction Art
by Brian Dillon 
he age of mechanical reproduction in the work of art.

Duane Michals: Chromophilia
by Robert Kushner 
A portfolio of Michals' most recent color work.

Hanatsubaki: Perfection Is Lifeless
by Jason Evans 
The long life of an adventurous Japanese magazine.

Joel Sternfeld: Oxbow Archive 
by Gretel Ehrlich 
Sternfeld's latest project meditates on seasonality in the age of climate change.

9 9/16 x 11 3/8 inches88 pages


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