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Arabic Graffiti

Arabic Graffiti

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Without regional borders or constraints, 'Arabic Graffiti' references the use of Arabic script in urban context. It showcases artists, graffiti writers and typographers from the Middle East and around the world who merge Arabic script and calligraphy styles with the art of graffiti writing, street art and urban culture. The project offers many different, diverging and at times contradicting ideas and approaches to treating this sensitive tradition with contemporary vision. To accompany a visual assortment of styles, the book will include several crossover topics, such as classical and contemporary calligraphy, Arabic typography, political graffiti and street art. Curated and authored by Lebanese typographer Pascal Zoghbi and Don M. Zaza aka Stone (Cubabrasil, From Here to Fame Publishing), 'Arabic Graffiti' also features essays by various writers and artists working in this field.

About the author
Pascal Zoghbi, Arabic Type Designer and Typographer, is the founder of 29letters, an Arabic Type Design and Typography firm in Beirut. His design work ranges from creating new Arabic fonts, corporate identities and print publications. He has created contemporary Arabic fonts for leading Middle Eastern Newspapers, urban places, art events & magazines. Since 2006, he has taken part in the Typographic Matchmaking 01 and 02 projects organized by the Khatt Foundation. He teaches typography at Notre Dame University and also at Lebanese American University and runs a blog about Arabic typography.

Author Pascal Zoghbi
Editor Joy Hawley (2011)
ISBN 3937946268, 9783937946269
Format Hardback
Pages 200p.

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