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As the Crow Flies

As the Crow Flies


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As the Crow Flies

"Indeed I too would have loved to write one of those serene stories with a beginning and an end. As you know only too well, it is never like that, though. Lives mingle, people tame one another and part. Destinies are lost."

This groundbreaking novel represents a set of universal experiences which can be read as a mosaic of life in the 20th century. "As The Crow Flies" describes the way in which the text is written; Tadjo flies over different lives and experiences - as a crow does - occasionally swooping down on one small detail or character, moving between relationships in search of truth.

Authors VÌÎÌ_ronique Tadjo, Wang?í«̴å©i wa Goro
ISBN 0435912038, 9780435912031
Format Paperback
Pages 106p.