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Back in from the Anger

Back in from the Anger

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Back in from the Anger

Roger Lucey's life journey was changed radically by events that he only found out about 15 years down the line. By that time there was no returning to the original plan. Roger Lucey was and is a troubadour, a singer and a songwriter who reflects, through song, the world he lives in. Late 70's South Africa was a cruel and violent place and Lucey's songs quickly drew the unwanted attention of the State and security police, among them Paul Erasmus. A covert operation shut down Lucey's music career and our troubadour had to look in other directions in search of a livelihood. Back in from the Anger tells the story of a once-promising young musician who became a barman, roadie, sound technician, news cameraman and many other things as he waded through life always trying to find the voice that he had lost. It is a story that at times stretches the imagination, often reminding us of the hard road this country has come, but it is always told with humanity and humour.

Author Roger Lucey
ISBN 1431404535, 9781431404537
Format Paperback
Pages 269p.

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