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Bed Room

Bed Room

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From her bed in a small Hillbrow apartment, Birthial Gxaleka runs an NGO and shelter. Her tenants all share her one-bedroomed space, sleeping and living on a large raft of beds that leaves only a narrow corridor of standing room. At any one time, there are up to thirty-four residents, because it is rare for Birthial to turn anyone away. Each person wants to make their way in the world: find a job, reconnect with lost family, get access to healthcare, or simply secure a decent place to sleep. They all have stories to tell. Some are of short-lived success, violence or loss, and others are about moving up in the world from this unusual starting place. But the stories all have this in common--Birthial's no-nonsense generosity and hard-nosed pragmatism.

Author Mark Lewis, Tanya Zack
Format Paperback
Pages 40pp
ISBN 978-0-9947009-0-2

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