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Beyond Tears: Zimbabwe's Tragedy, by Catherine Buckle

Beyond Tears: Zimbabwe's Tragedy, by Catherine Buckle

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"The whole town not only knew what happened here, but had probably seen and heard parts of that day of hell. Some must have been witnesses and others accomplices to murder, torture and brutality. The wind, once my friend and comforter, had become my tormenter and persecutor. Coursing over the granite kopjes, the wind was filled with voices and secrets. The whole town was hiding a secret." 'Beyond Tears' is the story of events that ripped Zimbabwe apart between 2000 and 2002. Eye-witness accounts of anarchy, harassment, intimidation and the foulest abuses of citizens by their own government. "Catherine Buckle provides vivid testimony of the power and destruction inflicted on the country and its people." Martin Meredith author of 'Robert Mugabe: Power Plunder and Tyranny in Zimbabwe.'

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