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Bird-Monk Seding<br>by Lesego Rampolokeng

Bird-Monk Seding
by Lesego Rampolokeng

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"This place is called SEDING, short for Leseding, place of light. Quite ironic given the darkness throbbing at its core and spilling out bubbling in the blackest rage when least expected. Surrounded by farmland in all directions, it is a settlement of about 700 households crammed in tiny structures. Average 7 souls per hovel. It used to be made up of ramshackle corrugated iron shacks that seemed tossed down regardless of aesthetics. Then the new administration's housing programme kicked in."

Title:̴Ì_Bird-Monk Seding̴Ì_(a novel)

Author: Lesego Rampolokeng

Publisher: Deep South

Paperback, 192pages