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Black Widow, White Widow - Is Al Qaeda Operating In South Africa? by De Wet Potgieter

Black Widow, White Widow - Is Al Qaeda Operating In South Africa? by De Wet Potgieter

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When De Wet Potgieter wrote in the Daily Maverick that Al Qaeda was operating within borders of South Africa, there were howls of protest, he was forced to write a retraction and was fired. After the Westgate terror attack in Nairobi, in the aftermath of which South Africa was named as a conduit country for Al Shabaab, who claimed responsibility, media from all around world suddenly wanted interviews with De Wet. The fact is that compelling evidence points to Al Qaeda being here, and his book will show where they might be operating (on a farm, known to the local people, and photographed) and most importantly how and why.

It will show the unwillingness of Government to act on their own intelligence, and how our porous borders and corruption ridden state machinery make this country the ideal entry point for terrorism. Based on two years' investigations and numerous interviews, this book will give details of the secluded farm and surveillance of it, showing the involvement of the secret Muslim paramilitary organisation called the Fordsburg Group; expose the workings of the Pakistani Mafia in South Africa and how their members were never prosecuted after being arrested here; the payment of millions in state funds to a terrorist organisation for security during the 2010 World Cup; more money changing hands; and the rendition of Pakistani national from South Africa.

The South African passport of the so called "White Widow" implicated in the terrorist attack has been documented. This book also tells of a South African woman called the "Black Widow" with ties to both the right wing and Muslim extremists.

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