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Blacks Only: Its Okay to be Black

Blacks Only: Its Okay to be Black

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Blacks Only: Its Okay to be Black

The book seeks to affirm black folk globally, South Africanblack folkin particular, and to assure them that it is 'okay' to be black while at the same timeadmonishing black folk for being reckless, lazy, living to impressothers, and feeling sorry for themselves. Furthermore, the book admonishes the white supremacistswho find it hard to relate and coexistwith black folkin the new South Africa. Lastly, the book cautions both black and white South Africans against tampering with the current equilibrium.

In this book, you will discover:

  • The impact of apartheidon a black man;
  • Dangers associated with entitlement, laziness, victimand exhibitionistmentalities;
  • The need for black folk to take a new role in South Africa's economy;
  • That there is nothing wrong with 'being black'.

About the author
D.S Mashego is a South African by birth. Like many South Africans, he has had a taste of both the apartheid and the democraticeras. The two eras have brought about contrasting experiences and feelings. His observation of the current state of affairs in South Africa; the black man's psychological and socio-economic state, brought about mixed feelings and prompted him to write this book. This book seeks to assert a black soul; to create awareness in black communitiesand other interested communitiesoblivious to the black man's way of life and challenges in South Africa.

Author D. S. Mashego
ISBN 0620657383, 9780620657389
Format Paperback
Pages 169p.

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