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Bless Me Father <br> by Mario d' Offizi

Bless Me Father
by Mario d' Offizi

African Perspectives

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'A searing look at growing up on the other side of the tracks, around the bend and up the wall. d'Offizi's story left me reeling on more than one occasion. This is an author who writes from the heart, not the head. And even though it is a heart that is covered with layers of scar tissue, it is not a hard heart. Rather, it is a heart full of kindness and compassion.' - Ben Trovato

'If you read no other African writer this decade, read this one - you'll laugh with him, cry with him, mourn with him, rejoice with him and ultimately triumph with him.' - Leadership Magazine

'I would advise that you get this book for the boys and the men in your family. I think it's a phenomenal, affirming story of manhood. I highly recommend it.' Karabo Kgoleng - SAFM Literature

Author Mario d' Offizi
ISBN 9780980255645
Format Paperback
Pages 222p..

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