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Borukgwe jo boleele (Setswana)

Borukgwe jo boleele (Setswana)

  • R 8500

The Cool Nguni is one of the winners in the Ibby Exclusive Books Children's Book Competition. The next title in the series is called "The long trousers", which is also about 'Gaps' the Cool Nguni calf. He is called Gaps because his hide looks like the gaps between the branches of a tree. In this new story, we find Gaps in the midst of frantic, colourful wedding preparations. His bug sister is about to get married. Now Gaps faces another problem: Father Nguni Bull has given him a brand new pair of trousers to wear to the wedding, but they are much too long! Gaps ask every cow in his family to shorten the trousers, but they are all too busy preparing for the wedding. Gaps gives up and goes to bed, leaving his trousers lying in the kitchen. Very early the next morning, as the cows enter the kitchen, they see the neglected trousers, and each in turn shortens them, with hilarious results. But Gaps comes out tops yet again!

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