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Bram Fischer Afrikaner Revolutionary

Bram Fischer Afrikaner Revolutionary


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Bram Fischer Afrikaner Revolutionary

Bram Fischer's life has all the drama and intimacy of a story worth telling. Born into a prominent Afrikaner nationalist family, Fischer became a Rhodes scholar and distinguished lawyer, and in 1964 led a defense of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and others in the Rivonia trial. Fischer was sentenced to life imprisonment for his own political activities against apartheid. Before his sentencing he spent nine months underground, in disguise. For a time, he was South Africa's most wanted man, his cause recognised and celebrated around the world. His story is one of those rare lives that weave together the personal and political and revise our sense of both in a world revolving furiously around issues of identity.

This book was the winner of the prestigious Sunday Times Alan Paton Award for non-fiction writing.

Author Stephen Clingman
ISBN 0864866771, 9780864866776
Format Paperback
Pages 304p.