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No British tycoon is more popular, few claim to be richer and none has masterminded a more recognizable brand than Richard Branson. What is behind the success of the buccaneering balloonist, the tabloids' favourite celebrity nude, the grinning jumper and the scourge of corporate goliaths?

About the Author
Tom Bower has a distinguished reputation as an investigative historian, broadcaster and journalist and is the author of several ground-breaking books about tycoons. His most recent works are 'Conrad and Lady Black', 'The Squeeze' and his biographies of Simon Cowell and Bernie Ecclestone. Among his other much-debated biographies are those of Mohammed Fayed, Richard Branson and Robert Maxwell.

Author Tom Bower
ISBN 1841153869, 9781841153865
Format Hardback
Pages 384p.

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