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abridged books membership fee

abridged books membership fee

  • R 10000

Join our book club, which lets you rent from a selection of books for as little as R30.

There's a R100 annual membership fee. The rules are simple:

Be nice.

Give us your name and cell phone number.

Borrow a book for R30 for two weeks. New releases are R50 for two weeks.

If you're late bringing the book back, we'll charge you an extra R5 a day. The late fee is R15 a day for new releases. Or you can just renew it online for an extra two weeks.

If the book gets lost or badly damaged, you'll have to replace it at whatever price it's selling for in the store.

If you love the book and want to buy it, we'll deduct the rental fee from the price of the book.

Keep the book in good condition! Don't write in it or dog-ear the pages, so other people can enjoy it.

If you break the rules, you'll forfeit your membership fee.

If you want a book that's not available for rent, ask us and we'll see what we can do.

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