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Business Writing for South Africans

Business Writing for South Africans

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Business Writing for South Africans

How should you write and present a business proposal? What is the best way to take minutes? When should a work email be formal and when chatty?

Communicating in a clear, concise manner with colleagues and clients is a key aspect of professionalism and good business practice. Yet many South African companies do not train their staff to do this, leading to confusion and lost hours - and it affects how people view your ability to do your job.

Now, help is at hand with plain-language experts Bittie Viljoen-Smook, Johan Geldenhuys and Wena Coetzee in this user-friendly guide to all aspects of written English in the workplace. Your journey to presenting yourself in an excellent, effective way starts here.

Authors Wena Coetzee , Bittie Viljoen-Smook , Johan Geldenhuys
ISBN 9780624080268
Format Paperback
Pages 197p.

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